• Follow the category has a category system to connect the right ad with the right buyer/ user. Please post the ad in the right category. Don not try to avoid our fees or get more views by posting your ad in the wrong category as it won’t help. Please follow the sub category suggestions as well. When your ad will be in the right category you will get the better results.

  • Follow the ad template

Always follow the ad template it is perfectly designed to help you put everything in the right place. If you are adding website link or contact details, put them in the designated place where it will be noticed easily.

  • Description

Keep your ad description clear and use plain English to explain. You are most welcome to post the ad in other two languages apart from English. Steer clear of disputes by writing an honest and clear description of your item. Do not add any keyword spamming.

  • Price

Make sure the price is right. Clearly mention the price you are looking for your item. If you are inviting offers, clearly state it in your ad. Do not put silly prices.

  • Face to face

It is a community platform, do not say that you will only post the item, and try to meet people face to face if possible, to avoid scams and disputes.