How to post an Ad

Here is the complete guide on how to post ad on Please follow all steps to get

your ad right.

To post an ad on you must become a registered user of, it’s free and

easy by putting your details in and verifying your email.

Follow the steps below and you will be able to post an official ad on

 Click the ‘post ad’ button

Open the website and login by using your email address and password, if you

are not logged in, the website will locate you to a sign in or sign up page. Singing up

is free and easy to do. Just follow the on-screen prompts to create your account.

Once you are logged in click the ‘post ad’ button.

 Select the category

You will than need to select the category for your ad. For example if are looking to

sell an item, click on ‘for sale’ and if you are looking for a job, click on ‘jobs’. After this

select a sub category for your ad, for example if you are selling a mobile phone,

select ‘phone, mobile phones and telecom’ and continue to click on sub categories as presents them to you based on the nature of your ad.

 Follow the template

Follow the template of the ad and put all the required information including your

location. Enter the title of your ad and set up a price of your item. Click on ‘add image’

button to upload any relevant photos you want attached to your ad. Enter a

description of your ad and keep it simple and relevant. For example if you are selling

a piece of clothing, mention size, colour and brand. And its condition whether it is

new or used, with tags or without tags etc.

 Enter your contact details

Enter your contact details like phone number and email address. You can choose for

users to contact you by email, SMS or phone based on your preferences.

 Click on post my ad

Before clicking on please read your ad and re-check all the information if it is right

and then click on ‘post my ad’ button. And you are good to go. Isn’t it easy and