How to sell fast

  1. Get it right
    Putting you ad in the right category and sub category is very important, most people search the ads by category. If your ad is in right category it will get more attention and views and chances of selling fast will increase. If you are not sure which category your ad should be, take time to browse some categories and have an idea about where you should post it. 
  1. Follow the template
    Always try to follow the ad template; it will help you itself where to put things, contact details should go into the designated place. Upload the photos and describe your ad in the description box. 
  1. Describe it
    Describe everything about your ad in the description box; include all the important things which you think your ad’s viewers should know. Be honest with the description to avoid any future disputes. Use clear and simple words. You can put your ad in 3 languages. Tamil, Sinhala and English. Ads that have clear description are likely to get more attention from the users. You can add multiple items in one ad if you are selling them together, otherwise you will need to create individual ads. This might cost you fee depending on what you are advertising. 
  1. Use simple language
    Keep the language simple and easy in you ad; don’t use difficult words, use keywords and information that will help users. 
  1. Get the price right
    Clearly state the price you are looking for your item/ service. Do not invite bids, you can only invite near offers, as it is not an auction site.
  1. Use pictures
    Use actual photos in your ad. Don’t use catalogue images or photos from internet. Take photos in good lighting. 
  1. Promote the ad.
    You can promote your ads to get more views. When you will have more views you will have more chances to sell fast for the price you are looking for.