Terms and Conditions


  • Posting

As a kwik.lk user you should agree that you will not violate any policies or laws, you will not post any false or misleading material of any kind and advertise or sell anything which you do not own, if it is not in your possession do not try to sell it, this applies on pre order items and tickets.

Do not create more than one ad for the same item. Do not create multiple accounts to sell same item.

Delete you ad once it has done its job. Do not leave it live, as people can still contact you for that.

Put everything in the right place and get the category and sub category right, it will help you to get the right user and you will get better results about your ad. Follow the ad template and use simple language in description, state the reasonable price and aim face to face with other users.



  • Privacy

You are solely responsible for all the information that you put in our website and any consequences that may result from your post. Please do not copy, modify or distribute any other person’s information without their consent. Do not infringe any third party rights.


  • Services

Using our website is generally free but sometimes we charge a fee for certain services. You are responsible for paying the fee when it is due, if you don’t, we may be entitles to, under these terms and conditions, limit your ability to use our services.

  • Copyright

Each post must be written or created personally by the respective user. It is strictly forbidden to publish illegal, vulgar, discriminatory, adult/ pornographic content or violence- glorifying content that infringes personal rights. Insult of people or businesses is not permitted. Harassment and electronic attack of any kind is not permitted on this site.

With the publication of classified ads, especially in regards to images, the users must ensure that the copyrights are respected accordingly.


  • Pets and animals/ living creatures

In regard of selling pets and animals on kwik.lk, the description and the picture of the pet or animal should be chosen carefully. Please state the age, disease or any kind of abnormal characteristics of the pet/ animal.


  • Liability

We cannot be held liable for the correctness of the information or the pictures shown in the classified ads, or the flawlessness of the purchased item, or the commitment of users.

We are not liable for the damage caused by errors, delays or loss and deletion of data, viruses and other damage which occur during the use of the site unless caused intentionally.

We are not liable for the content, accuracy, functionality and legality of the third party internet pages which reference from out platform, via link.

  • Data protection

The protection of the personal data provided is very important to us, privacy rules, as specified in privacy policy, apply.


Terms and conditions can be amended anytime without further notice.



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